TOP 20 Midjourney Prompts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

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TOP 20 Midjourney Prompts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND
TOP 20 Midjourney Prompts That Will BLOW YOUR MIND
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Today, we’re going on an exciting journey through AI artistry as we explore 20 of the best AI image prompts. The images you’ll create are absolutely mind blowing! These prompts aren’t just awe-inspiring. They’re handpicked to spark your creativity, ignite your imagination, and show you the astonishing potential that lies within Midjourney. You’ll learn a lot about prompting and ways to personalize the prompts.

The prompts span a broad spectrum, from the simple to the complex, from the mundane to the abstract. I’ll even sneak in a couple of my private prompts that I usually offer for sale. Just for my favorite viewers!

I’m running the prompts in Midjourney, but try them in other AI image generators like Leonardo AI or SeaArt. You’ll get a different look. But different can be exciting!

This isn’t about what AI art can do; it’s about what YOU can do with AI art.

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0:00 Start
0:56 Photographic Styles
3:06 Some Surrealism
4:36 Sketches
5:48 Masterpieces
6:13 Artist Combos
7:24 Prompting with Emotion
8:32 A little techie
9:02 Play with Pattern
9:27 Poetic Prompt


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