Run your own ChatGPT at HOME!

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Run your own ChatGPT at HOME!
Run your own ChatGPT at HOME!
Wouldn’t it just be so cool to run your own copy of a chat AI like ChatGPT at home? No interference, no data leaks, no privacy concerns. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it turns out you can, and it’s ridiculously easy! Much to my surprise too, you don’t even need a 4090 – although it would help. I’ve been running this on a 2080Ti, but really anything with 11GB or more of VRAM should just about scrape by. The more VRAM (and compute power), the better though! In theory you can also run this on your CPU alone if you have enough system memory, or on an AMD card too, but that’s a lot less stable thanks to just how ‘bleeding edge’ these tools are so your mileage may vary.
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