People SCAMMED by Celebrity AI Deepfakes

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People SCAMMED by Celebrity AI Deepfakes
People SCAMMED by Celebrity AI Deepfakes
Episode 162: Neal and Toby discuss how record bond sales are the biggest factor in the market right now and are a huge reason mortgage rates have skyrocketed. Plus, celebrities like Tom Hanks and MrBeast are warning people of AI deepfakes as technology advances and why Chicago might do away with tipping. And narrative violation! Millennials are actually financially better off than we would have thought. Oh, and bedbugs are stronger than ever before. Finally, if you wanna watch mean girls you can just hop on TikTok.

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00:00 – Introduction
02:00 – Bond yields impacting the market
07:00 – AI Deepfake Videos
10:30 – Tipping in Chicago
14:30 – Millenial Finances
17:30 – Bedbugs
21:00 – Mean Girls on TikTok

People SCAMMED by MrBeast and Tom Hanks AI Deepfakes

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