Nvidia & Unreal's HUGE AI Breakthroughs (Bigger Than ChatGPT)

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Nvidia & Unreal's HUGE AI Breakthroughs (Bigger Than ChatGPT)
Nvidia & Unreal's HUGE AI Breakthroughs (Bigger Than ChatGPT)
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The entire world is talking about AI tools like @OpenAI’s #chatgpt because it’s disrupting every industry in a BIG way. But there’s another set of AI breakthroughs happening right now that could be even bigger. A couple weeks after @NVIDIA ( #nvda stock ) held their latest GTC conference, @UnrealEngine ( Epic Games ) held their ‘State of Unreal’ keynote at GDC 2023, the Game Developer’s Conference.

There, they talked about breakthroughs in generative AI for 3D graphics and motion capture, reducing processing times from months to minutes and removing the need for expensive motion capture equipment. Even more impressive, these things hook up to #nvidia Omniverse, which means different #stocks can benefit from this even if the companies don’t necessarily use Unreal Engine themselves! This video explains the breakthroughs, their impacts on a wide variety of investable industries, and which AI stocks could be the best stocks to buy now as a result!

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