Mrbeast Deepfake Ai SCAM

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Mrbeast Deepfake Ai SCAM
Mrbeast Deepfake Ai SCAM
AI deepfakes are getting so good that a fraudulent MrBeast ad slipped past TikTok’s ad moderation technology to end up on the platform.
Just day after Tom hanks and Gayle king deepfake news
In the ad, the massively influential creator appeared to be offering 10,000 viewers an iPhone 15 Pro for just 2. In most cases, this would be a clear indication of a scam, but coming from MrBeast, it could actually be believable.

MrBeast (a 25-year-old named Jimmy Donaldson with more subscribers than any other individual on YouTube) got famous by creating increasingly absurd stunt videos in which he gives people free homes and cars with no strings attached (so long as they agree to be in his video). Or, more recently, he’ll ask people from “every country on Earth” to compete for a 250,000 prize in a series of Olympic-like mini games.

So, if you’re not particularly privy to spotting scams, and you’re scrolling TikTok late at night when you’re not thinking straight, it could be within the realm of possibility that MrBeast would buy 10,000 iPhones to give away via TikTok ad. After all, he literally has given away free iPhones to unsuspecting trick or treaters.

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