Microsoft Just Became the King of Generative AI (Supercut)

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Microsoft Just Became the King of Generative AI (Supercut)
Microsoft Just Became the King of Generative AI (Supercut)
Microsoft announced some HUGE news about their new #microsoft Windows Copilot built on their partnership with #chatgpt creator #openai and new AI-powered capabilities for Office 365. Microsoft ( MSFT stock ) also announced a new Microsoft Surface Studio Laptop, which has a powerful discrete #nvidia ( NVDA stock ) GPU for gaming and creative workloads. Will #google ( GOOG stock ) be able to respond? Here’s every piece of generative AI news from Microsoft’s Copilot 2023 event.

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Simply Wall Street’s Microsoft ( MSFT stock ) Valuation:

Nvidia (NVDA Stock) Valuation:

Google (GOOG Stock) Valuation:

00:00 Satya Nadella on the New AI Era
03:39 Microsoft Windows 11 Copilot
07:58 Personalized Copilot vs Google Search
12:35 Microsoft 365 Copilot Demos
18:59 Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio 2
23:30 Surface Laptop vs Macbooks for AI
27:23 Conclusion

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@Microsoft Full Copilot Event Sept 21 2023:

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