Microsoft 365 Copilot Will Change Everything

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Microsoft 365 Copilot Will Change Everything
Microsoft 365 Copilot Will Change Everything
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Microsoft is changing the game with their new AI-powered assistant for Office 365.
The Copilot will be running all around office 365 being able to generate summaries of meetings, various documents, create product descriptions, full presentations and much more like following this channel for all the tech news.
Withing Excel for example you’re literally gonna be able to ask the assistant to create reports & calculations instead of actually doing them yourself with various functions.
If you forget to make a presentation on a topic; the copilot will literally be able to generate a full Power Point presentation along with speaking points in just a few seconds.
And if you’re gonna be joining meetings late, there’s gonna be a personal summary of what has already ben discussed waiting for you.
So overall Microsoft seems to be leaving everyone else iin the dust with their new AI-features provided by OpenAI’s GPT-4.
And let me know how you’d use this features in the comments



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