Low Content Books You WON'T SELL ANYTHING unless …

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Low Content Books You WON'T SELL ANYTHING unless ...
Low Content Books You WON'T SELL ANYTHING unless …
Everyone wants to sell low content books on Amazon KDP. While it is an easy online side hustle, it still takes work!! I’ll be giving you a detailed tutorial on how to sell low content books online.

I personally use BookBolt to make my interiors and do research. They also have weekly calls to help you learn to make and sell low content books:
Use code /”energi/” for 20% off after your trial 🙂

My research note template (open link and press the duplicate button in upper right corner) –

KDP Spy to see what niche is profitable (You need a bookbolt account):

AMZ suggestion expander for keyword research:

Canva to make the cover:

Channels that teach Amazon KDP:

00:00 Introduction
00:28 Why most people fail
01:26 Everyone is selling the same thing 🙁
02:08 Do niche research low content books
12:45 Design a profitable cover in Canva
20:43 Upload your cover to BookBolt
23:40 I uploaded but haven’t sold anything 🙁
26:02 How to be better than the competition
26:59 How many books should I upload?

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