Learn 5 skills with your back to the opponent

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Learn 5 skills with your back to the opponent
Learn 5 skills with your back to the opponent
Learn football skills with your back to the opponent. In today’s football tutorial, JayMike will teach you 5 football skills that you can use with your back to the opponent – in other words, if you’re being pressured from behind by an opponent, these 5 football skills can come in extremely handy. When you’re in a match and trying to dictace the game, it’s essential to keep the ball – so the best way to deal with an opponent closing you down from the back is to get rid of them and lose the defender – and with these 5 easy football skills, JayMike will show you how to do just that. So if you need a few more cool football skills to lose the defender when you have your back to the opponent, this Unisport skills tutorial is a perfect place to start.

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