ISABEL MARANT Spring-Summer 2024 Show

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ISABEL MARANT Spring-Summer 2024 Show
ISABEL MARANT Spring-Summer 2024 Show
T-shirts made of silk crepe and dresses crafted from cotton jersey. It’s this summer’s insubordination and yet another testimony of Isabel’s unconventional mind.

The collection draws inspiration from ornamental Art nouveau curves and radiance. Artisanal embroideries sketch organic motifs on tulle tops and dresses – echoed by intricate lace collars.

Over denim looks, gold thread constellation patterns introduce a mystical and celestial dimension to this new season.

The Palais du Royal gardens plunged in midnight blue and filled with the ethereal show soundtrack composed by Kazu Makino and interpreted by Blonde Redhead amplify a feeling of esotericism.

Parachute fabrics and wedge clogs further elevate the silhouette while structural silver earrings levitate like mobiles and sparkle to the rhythm of steps.

The collection evokes a poetic-yet-nonchalant desire for lightness and femininity – ultimately encapsulated in the wild and shimmering evening looks.


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