I have ChatGPT Vision/Voice! Are They Worth It?

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I have ChatGPT Vision/Voice! Are They Worth It?
I have ChatGPT Vision/Voice! Are They Worth It?
ChatGPT’s latest voice and vision capabilities are AMAZING, but their implementation could use some improvement. I’ve tested it all out and even found a workaround that might outpace OpenAI’s version. Let’s dive deep into it.


Talk-To-ChatGPT: https://github.com/C-Nedelcu/talk-to-chatgpt
Moonlight Game Streaming: https://moonlight-stream.org
Stream Your Desktop Instructions: https://github.com/moonlight-stream/moonlight-docs/wiki/Setup-Guide#using-moonlight-to-stream-your-entire-desktop
WoMic: https://wolicheng.com/womic


Delving into ChatGPT’s new voice and vision features, I uncover the pros and cons of OpenAI’s approach. Also, I showcase a Chrome extension, ‘Talk to ChatGPT’, that might just revolutionize the way you interact with this AI, allowing for more voice customization, manual send words, and advanced settings for coders. As an extra treat, I also shed light on ChatGPT’s impressive image recognition capabilities and discuss the difference between the desktop and app versions.


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00:00 – ChatGPT Voice Breakdown
05:41 – This Extension is a Better Alternative!
14:27 – A Breakdown of Chatgpt-4V(ision)

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