How to enable extensions for Google's AI Chatbot – Bard!

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How to enable extensions for Google's AI Chatbot – Bard!
How to enable extensions for Google's AI Chatbot – Bard!
Learn how to enable and use Google’s AI chatbot Bard, along with each of the extensions: Google @flights, @hotels, @maps, @youtube, @gmail, @drive, and @docs!

Provided are a couple real-world use cases to help you employ Bard extensions to start saving time right away!

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Link to the video outline in a downloadable Google doc:

The video outline is also included below:

Enable Bard’s New Extensions!

Are you watching the right video?
If you’re trying to figure out how to enable Bard extensions
You’re just curious what they’re are all about
Or why you should use them
Then yes!

Clarifications & Redirects
Bard extensions are immediately available for personal GWS accounts
Although they’re available, you do need to enable them
Extensions are not yet available for business GWS accounts

Bard Extensions – How to enable them!
Gmail settings requirement: “Smart features and personalization” enabled:
Settings See all settings General Ensure both are selected:
️ Turn on smart features and personalization
️ Turn on smart features and personalization in other Google products
Enable extensions feature Try Bard ToS Agree Opt in/out
Click thru Bard Extensions new features wizard
Enable individual extensions
Go to extensions Show me more Continue
Connect Google Workspace? Connect Let’s go!

Bard Extensions – Are what, exactly?
Bard is Google’s slightly dumber version of ChatGPT
Unlike the original free version of ChatGPT, Bard is connected to internet
Extensions take Google’s use of the internet one step further
By connecting Bard to 5 these different apps:
Google Flights
Pull in real-time flight info for intuitive, personalized travel planning
Google Hotels
Search hotels based on what’s important to you, the same way you’d talk to a friend
Google Maps
Tap into location-based information to bring your plans to life
Discover and learn from YouTube videos in your Bard conversations
Google Workspace
@gmail, @drive, @docs
Summarize, find, and get quick answers from your own content to fuel your personal journey

Bard Extensions – Help you do, what, exactly?
How does this extension help you? Why should you use it?
In some cases, it could save you a lot of time
Instead of searching these apps multiple times to answer one question
You can just ask Bard the question using normal or natural human language
We’ll use the @flights and @drive extension to demonstrate
Let’s go!
That’s it! Some notes…
Once you’re connected, don’t need to use the @words to direct Bard
Trust but verify
Bard can be inaccurate, and wildly so, especially for @gmail searches
But Josh, what are some examples of @youtube, @maps, and @gmail?
Great question!
I got nothing! @flights @hotels are really it so far for me
I would love to hear your ideas or discoveries in the comments!
That’s it (for reals this time)!

Thanks for watching / comments / questions!
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