How Satya Nadella Became The CEO Of Microsoft

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How Satya Nadella Became The CEO Of Microsoft
How Satya Nadella Became The CEO Of Microsoft
In 2014, Satya Nadella became the new CEO of Microsoft as Steve Ballmer retired. Steve Ballmer had led Microsoft for 14 years, but his leadership was rather controversial due to a lack of stock growth during his tenure. As a result, Satya was tasked with turning around the software giant and making Microsoft thrive in the new mobile era. Satya started off by embracing the competition and working with the competition as opposed to trying to take the competition down. For example, he released Microsoft products on iOS and Android, and he supported the use of Linux on Azure. Aside from embracing the competition, Satya scaled back Microsoft’s focus on Windows. This allowed him to divert these resources into emerging opportunities like cloud computing and lightweight laptops. All of these changes have resulted in Microsoft stock growing over 700% since Satya became CEO. This video explains the story of Satya Nadella and how Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft and turned around the company.

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0:00 – Satya Nadella
0:34 – Joining Microsoft
2:10 – Becoming An Executive
3:10 – Challenges At Home
5:23 – Becoming CEO
6:30 – Embracing Competition
7:30 – Scaling Back On Windows
8:34 – Following Opportunity
9:54 – A Lesson From Satya

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