How I Ranked On Google In Under 8 Hours Using AI SEO

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How I Ranked On Google In Under 8 Hours Using AI SEO
How I Ranked On Google In Under 8 Hours Using AI SEO
How I ranked on Google after just 8 hours using ChatGPT-4 Playground and my own blend of AI SEO Techniques. This video is my exact A to Z workflow which helped me achieve this. ChatGPT SEO just got easier with this video.

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Ultimate ChatGPT Playground AI SEO Workflow


13:17 – Quick correction – Copy everything after the closing title tag, do not include any title tags or head tags.


As you can see in this video, an article that was posted less than 8 hours ago is already on Google. Yes, I am not using a VPN, but the crazy thing is that I haven’t really seen this before.

My ChatGPT SEO workflow for content creation is currently as follows:

1. Find a keyword from a competitor
2. Add the keyword to my mega prompt
3. Add internal links, you can get them from sitemap
4. Ask ChatGPT to contextually choose 30 internal links
5. Add everything to the prompt
6. You have now given ChatGPT enough context to write an amazing SEO-Optimized article
7. Ask ChatGPT to write the first half of the article
8. Ask ChatGPT to write the second half of the article
9. Ask ChatGPT to create FAQ Schema
10. Create a featured image using Microsoft designer
11. Embed your products using a product/collection embedder
12. Submit the article to search console

If you follow this flow exactly, let me know how long it takes your articles to get ranked on Google



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