How AI Could Solve Our Renewable Energy Problem

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How AI Could Solve Our Renewable Energy Problem
How AI Could Solve Our Renewable Energy Problem
Machine Learning is Supercharging Wind and Solar Power Explained. Get Surfshark VPN at and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! Machine learning and AI are two buzzwords you hear so often that they’re kind of losing their meaning. If we just focus on machine learning, there’s so much hype around its future potential, that it’s easy to forget about what’s already happening today. For instance, NVIDIA is using machine learning to boost renewable energy generation and reduce costs of wind farms. Another example is a startup working with NVIDIA to develop a smart meter for home and utility-grid scale. But even with these examples, is machine learning living up to that hype? Let’s take a look at how machine learning is building a more renewable electrical grid with solar and wind power, and how it’s starting to impact us. Maybe we can come to a decision on this.

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