Hackers Stole 35.000.000 Using AI and ChatGPT

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Hackers Stole 35.000.000 Using AI and ChatGPT
Hackers Stole 35.000.000 Using AI and ChatGPT
AI voice mimicry is a technique that uses artificial intelligence to replicate the voice of a specific individual. Hackers may use this technique to impersonate someone, such as a CEO or a high-ranking official, in order to gain access to sensitive information or to convince someone to transfer money.

In the video, the speaker may explain how hackers can use mimicry to make millions by carrying out social engineering attacks. They may use these attacks to trick people into giving away their personal information or to transfer large sums of money to fraudulent accounts.

The video may also explain how the technology behind AI voice mimicry works, and how hackers can train machine learning algorithms to replicate someone’s voice using just a few audio samples. It may also touch on the ethical concerns around this technology and how it can be used for malicious purposes.

Finally, the video may offer tips and advice on protecting yourself from these types of attacks, such as being cautious about responding to unsolicited requests for money or information and using two-factor authentication for all your accounts.

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