Google October Core & Spam Update, October 1st Update, Assistant With Bard & Much More

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Google October Core & Spam Update, October 1st Update, Assistant With Bard & Much More
Google October Core & Spam Update, October 1st Update, Assistant With Bard & Much More
This week, we had Google officially release another core update, the October 2023 core update. Also, a day before Google started to roll out the October 2023 spam update. We also had an unconfirmed Google algorithm update start on October 1st. Last night, Google also had indexing or serving issues with new content. Google teased the new Assistant with Bard, which will come out in a few months. I posted the monthly Google webmaster report this week. Google said it does not delete queries and replace them with better-monetized ones. Google has a big issue with obituary spam. Google posted a helpful document on why Discover traffic may change. Bing launched DALL-E 3 for image generation, and it works well now. Google Screened Local Service Ads now show unique advertisers on page load. Google Keyword Planner no longer forecasting individual and ad group keywords. Google tests “ask your own” under the people also ask. Google is testing a new hotel snippet carousel. Bing knowledge panels have learned more cards. Bing is also testing video chapters. Bing shows the number of visits to search ads per month. Bing is testing ads in the trending with Bing carousel. You can now edit your social profiles on Google Business Profiles. Google Business Profiles bulk data had data changes. Apple Business Connect added peer group benchmarks. Bing Webmaster Tools updated its colors to its darker blue. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:02 – Google October 2023 Core Update Rolling Out – Only Weeks After Previous Core Update :
2:13 – New Google October 2023 Spam Update Targets Spam In More Languages :
3:35 – Google Search Ranking Algorithm Volatility Sunday, October 1st? :
4:07 – Google Issues With Indexing & Serving New Content :
5:23 – Google Assistant With Bard (As Expected) :
5:47 – October 2023 Google Webmaster Report :
6:11 – Google: We Do Not Delete Queries & Replace Them With Better Monetized Ones :
6:56 – Obituary Spam On Google Too Fast & Out Of Control :
8:03 – Google On Why Google Discover Traffic May Drop Or Increase :
8:32 – Bing DALL-E 3 Went Live Over The Weekend But It Was Painfully Slow :
8:55 – Google Screened LSAs Now Show Unique Advertisers On Page Load :
9:14 – Google Keyword Planner Stops Forecasting Individual & Ad Group Keywords :
9:44 – Google Tests /”Ask Your Own/” Under People Also Ask :
10:02 – Google Search Tests New Hotel Snippet Carousel Design :
10:18 – Bing Knowledge Panels With Learn More Cards :
10:33 – Bing Search Tests Video Chapters Key Moments :
10:47 – Bing Tests Showing Number Of Visits On Search Ads Per Month :
11:00 – Bing Search Trending Carousel With Embedded Ads :
11:18 – You Can Now Edit Your Social Profiles In Google Business Profiles :
11:41 – Google Business Profile Bulk Data Changes :
11:49 – Apple Business Connect Adds Peer Group Benchmarks :
12:00 – Bing Webmaster Tools Updated Colors To Darker Bing Blue :
12:07 – Conclusion

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