Finally! Hamas Witnessed True Power of Israel: Israel Carry Out Most Massive Airstrike on Hamas!

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Finally! Hamas Witnessed True Power of Israel: Israel Carry Out Most Massive Airstrike on Hamas!
Finally! Hamas Witnessed True Power of Israel: Israel Carry Out Most Massive Airstrike on Hamas!
Finally! Hamas Witnessed True Power of Israel: Israel Carry Out Most Massive Airstrike on Hamas!

The world has recently turned its attention to the Ukraine-Russia war as well as the Middle East.

Today, very striking developments are taking place in Israel, Ukraine’s ally. After Iranian-backed groups attacked Israeli towns, the Israeli army took immediate action.

Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu declared war today against Iranian-backed militant groups.
The clashes between the Israeli army and the militants continue very fiercely.

Here are Israel’s operations with very striking details.

Yesterday, Iran-backed Hamas militants launched a heavy missile attack on Israeli cities.

Hamas militant groups fired a total of 5,000 missiles and launched raids on small Israeli towns and settlements near Gaza.

More than 5,000 rockets and mortars were fired from the Gaza Strip in about 20 minutes, hitting targets in various parts of Israel, including civilian settlements.

The Israeli air defense system Iron Dome destroyed some of the rockets launched from Gaza, and explosions were heard in the sky.

After Hamas militants fired ammunition, the Israeli army declared a state of war alert. Attack warning sirens were heard throughout Israel.

According to The Washington Post, at least 40 Israelis have been killed and at least 740 wounded so far.

According to the Israel Defense Forces Telegram channel, airstrike warnings were still being heard on Saturday as of 5 p.m. Tel Aviv time.

New videos emerging on social media showed rocket attacks, including strikes on Tel Aviv.

It also revealed a multi-domain operation in which Hamas militants poured over the border, paragliding and attacking from the water.

Such coordinated and complex attacks would probably have been impossible without Iranian training or logistical support. Iran’s Quds Force provides Hamas with weapons and training.

After all these attacks and acts of terror, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced that Israel was at war and that retaliatory strikes had already begun.

Israeli President Herzog stated that the Israeli army and people are going through a difficult time.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel’s /”revenge for this black day will be great/”.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that they are at war and they will win. Netanyahu intimidated Hamas militants, saying that Hamas forces would pay a price in a way they could never imagine.

Following these statements, the Israeli Security Cabinet voted to enact Article 40 Aleph, which amounts to a formal declaration of war.

According to this article, the Israeli army has the right to act at its own discretion but to communicate with the top leadership.

The last time such a decision was made was exactly 50 years ago, in 1973, during the Yom Kippur War.
Following Netanyahu’s announcement, the Israeli army carried out several airstrikes against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

Following this decision, Israel announced the start of Operation Iron Sword.

As part of this operation, Israeli forces surrounded Gaza from all sides.
Israeli ground forces are encircling Gaza from the North, East and West.
On the other hand, the Israeli Air Force carried out direct sorties with F-16 jets against Hamas formations in the city.

The Israeli army announced that they hit 17 military compounds and 4 operation centers belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

In a statement released by the Israeli army spokesperson’s office on social media, the army said that it has a war command over the Gaza Division, including support from combat helicopters, and that it has established dominance over the area.

The Israeli airstrikes targeted tunnels with access to the border between Gaza and Israel, launchers and fighter jets used in the morning airstrikes by Hamas forces. The Israeli Defense Forces have carried out hundreds of strikes on such targets.

As a result of the Israeli Defense Forces airstrikes, a large number of Hamas forces were neutralized.

The Israeli army spokesperson’s office said that the main objective was to eliminate all armed forces in Gaza that had infiltrated into Israel and then tried to return to the Gaza Strip.

The army spokesperson’s office said that the Israeli army’s strategy in this war is to first weaken the attacking force in Gaza with air fire and then to carry out ground attacks.

It is clear from this statement that the Israeli army will soon launch a major ground offensive inside Gaza and that the war between the two sides, which started quickly, will become more and more intense.

The IDF said that it is targeting all Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip and that wherever there are Hamas agents, they will be targeted, noting that they have no immunity.

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