ChatGPT Browse By Bing Is Actually INSANE?

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ChatGPT Browse By Bing Is Actually INSANE?
ChatGPT Browse By Bing Is Actually INSANE?
I’ve been experimenting recently with ChatGPT Browse by Bing, which gives it access to the internet, and I wanted to mention a few things as to why I think it’s very good and useful, and how I’m using it basically everyday

The main thing that we can do is we can TEACH ChatGPT instead of TELLING ChatGPT, this means it can learn new information and therefore can be used for more complicated tasks that are based on information that came out after January 2022, instead of only before it

In this video I show you an example of Custom Instructions, where ChatGPT doesn’t know what a Custom Instruction is, but instead we teach it what a custom instruction is first, and then we use ChatGPT to create an SEO-Optimized ChatGPT Custom Instruction

This is only possible, or at least integrated because of ChatGPT being able to browse the internet through Bing




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