BARD vs ChatGPT: Battle of the Best

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BARD vs ChatGPT: Battle of the Best
BARD vs ChatGPT: Battle of the Best
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We’ve all been talking about ChatGPT and have seen the wave of excitement it caused when it was released. But Google’s answer to ChatGPT is an AI chat bot named BARD which according to Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai has specifically been launched to compete with ChatGPT.

BARD is driven by Google’s language model for dialogue application, also called LaMDA and now if you have to compare the two of them,

First, Bard will have access to the most current data and will be able to deliver more updated information, whereas chat sources end with data until 2021.

Hence, its knowledge is limited to newer research and information. Second, because BARD is going to be integrated with Google’s search engine, It’ll have access to a huge amount of data, giving it a huge advantage over ChatGPT.

Finally, while ChatGPT can make some. factual mistakes Google’s BARD is set to deliver more reliable information.

So who do you think is going to win the AI war? Google’s BARD or ChatGPT??

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