Bard AI: ChatGPT Killer for Cybersecurity

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Bard AI: ChatGPT Killer for Cybersecurity
Bard AI: ChatGPT Killer for Cybersecurity
Bard and ChatGPT are two of the most advanced AI chatbots on the market. We compare their features and capabilities and see how they can be used for cyber security.

So, which chatbot is better for cyber security?

Show Notes

0:00 Bard: End of ChatGPT
1:02 Paul.AI on Twitter
1:18 Bard.Google.Com
2:35 Bard vs. Chat GPT for CTI
4:22 Write a Soc Tool For Mimikatz
5:15 Bard’s Secret weapon, Move over Virus Total
6:45 Bard Can Read Hash’s?
7:35 Bard Can Code Faster then GPT
7:42 The Best Thing About Bard!

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