Apply ChatGPT to your own data.

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Apply ChatGPT to your own data.
Apply ChatGPT to your own data.
Bring OpenAI’s ChatGPT model in Azure to your own enterprise-grade app experiences with precise control over the knowledge base, for in-context and relevant responses. Watch the full video here:
Interact with your organization’s private internal data, while respecting the information protection controls put in place.

Azure OpenAI service is combined with Azure Cognitive Search to index and retrieve data that is private and external to the ChatGPT large language model. The retrieval step in Azure Cognitive Search finds the most relevant pieces of information and presents the top ranked results to the language model. And because the knowledge lives outside of the ChatGPT model, you’re in control—it’s not used to train the model.

Microsoft Distinguished Engineer, Pablo Castro, joins Jeremy Chapman to show how it works.

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