2D Character Image To Full 3D Animation with AI

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2D Character Image To Full 3D Animation with AI
2D Character Image To Full 3D Animation with AI
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This video is an in-depth tutorial, where I take you through all the steps to turn a 2D AI character image created in Midjourney into a fully animated 3D character model using AI.

With a mix of AI and traditional composition & motion graphic techniques to set up and add more and more to the scene.

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0:00 – Intro
0:56 – Create 2D Image Midjourney
2:38 – 2D to 3D with CSM
3:44 – AI Animation.com
4:24 – CSM continued
5:03 – Blender File Conversion
7:06 – Rigging Mixamo
8:15 – Deepmotion
10:47 – Blender Setup
13:56 – After Effects
23:05 – Runway ML
23:04 – Topaz AI
25:03 – Depth Pass Runway ML
25:31 – After Effects
32:30 – Final Result
——————- ——————– ———————


Tools Used in this Tutorial:

– Blender

– MidJourney (You could also use Leonardo.ai or Stable Diffusion)

– Runway ML

– Adobe Creative Suite

– Topaz Labs Video AI: (affiliate link)

——————- ——————– ———————

After Effects Plugins:

Element 3D:

Optical Flares:

——————- ——————– ———————

Blender To After Effects Addon Link:

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